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In September 2024,  the Australasian Dark Sky Alliance (ADSA), the Federal Department of Climate Change, Energy, Environment and Water (DCCEEW), the Network for Ecological Research on Artificial Light (NERAL), the Lighting Society (IES), the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) will host a 2 day Symposium on light pollution mitigation.

This face-to-face event will unite national experts, researchers, government, industry leaders, First Nations representatives and enthusiasts to address the urgent issue of light pollution. The event will aim to provide solutions tailored to the unique technical, marine and terrestrial environmental challenges faced in Australia.


The multidisciplinary collaboration and partnership of these hosts underscores the pivotal role of responsible lighting in minimising environmental impact, reflecting a commitment to enhancing environmental biodiversity and sustainability.

Program Outline

 11 September

Full day symposium of speakers showcasing the global impact of light pollution for cultural connections, energy consumption, human health, wildlife and marine species, and astronomy. The conference will discuss sustainable solutions.


Evening – This multi-faceted family-friendly event will be hosted in the Royal Botanic Gardens and will explore the cultural connections, the benefits of preserving our natural night environment and allow you to stargaze and immerse yourself in the dark.



12 September 


- Symposium  Continued -  

- Workshop - Discover the hows, whys and who is involved with creating Dark Sky Places with our workshop endorsed by the International Dark Sky Association.

- Workshop - Dark Sky Councils discussions and planning strategies to preserve natural nightscapes, reduce light pollution, and promote night environment sensitive environments within your local council.

- Workshop - Collaborative workshop led by NERAL, fostering science-industry partnerships to advance technology and policy for the mitigation of light pollution impacts on marine and terrestrial wildlife. (Pending)


- Roundtable - (Invited guests) Hosted by the Australasian Dark Sky Alliance, government, industry, urban planners and businesses will meet for roundtable discussions with the view of implementing policy and planning strategies to reduce light pollution.

- Wine Cheese and Conservation - 


By uniting Australian expertise and perspectives, the symposium aims to make a significant impact on the reduction of light pollution and foster a more sustainable coexistence between humans and Australia's unique natural night environment. Through this collaborative effort the symposium aims to leave a legacy that combats light pollution on a national scale.

Symposium Background


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