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Meet our speakers

Night Lights

Would you like to present?

Do you have a burning passion to share how you are reducing light pollution, research the impacts or creating dark sky places? Or maybe you have an idea on how to engage the community.

Whatever your field of expertise, we'd love to hear how you are reducing the impacts of Artificial Light at Night.

Applications close 30 June


Shanthakumar Wilson Rajaratnam

Sleep & Circadian Medicine

Peter Swanton image.jpeg

Peter Swanton

Astrophysics graduate & Gamilaraay/Yuwaalaraay man

Alicia Dimovski_edited.jpg

Alicia Dimovski

Wildlife Research Associate

Cesar San Miguel_edited_edited.jpg

Caesar San Miguel

Dept of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment

jean cecil_edited.jpg

Jean-Cecil Gaillot

Lighting Design

Kellie Pendoley_edited.jpg

Dr Kellie Pendoley

Conservation Biologist


Naomi Miles

Head of Development


Mariana Mayer Pinto.jpeg

Mariana Mayer-Pinto

Associate Professor, Marine Ecologist


Elham Monavari

Head of Green Building Strategic Delivery


Kate Hofmeister




Gareth Davies

IDA Dark Sky Consultant


Miriam Shevland

AILA Director

fred watson_edited_edited.jpg

Fred Watson

Australia's Government Astronomer at Large

Tristan Simpson (337)_edited.jpg

Tristan Simpson

Senior Environmental Officer

duane hamacher_edited.jpg

Duane Hamacher

Associate Professor of Cultural Astronomy

Chris Lidman_edited_edited.jpg

Chris Lidman

Director Siding Spring Observatory

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