Youth Ambassador Program 2021

Meet our

Youth Ambassadors for 2021

Thomas Windsor
Alexandra Lay
Gabriella Allegretto
Gabby is a PhD student at the University of Tasmania, studying public perceptions of light pollution. She hopes that the findings from her research will help inform better decisions around outdoor artificial lighting. She is putting together an art exhibition with ADSA to raise awareness about light pollution in an engaging and easily accessible way. She is also a board member and social media coordinator for Dark Sky Tasmania, a non-profit organisation.
Eloise Cater
Kalycia Singleton
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Who are the Youth Ambassadors?

Youth Ambassadors are just that: They are young, and inspired to make a change for the positive in the world.

Youth Ambassadors support our mission to inform communities about light pollution - the world’s fastest growing pollutant. It is harming fragile natural ecosystems, our human health, and it is inhibiting us from seeing the stars.


Youth Ambassadors are committed to empowering change - anyone can act on light pollution, with immediate and satisfying results!

Why join us?

Network  -  meet with like-minded students and young professionals. Together with the close-knit community of ADSA you can make a tangible impact on the environment around you.

Professional training  -  hone your science communication, leadership, teamwork, social media and public speaking skills (valued at $1200).

Give back  -  work within a recognised charity organisation.

Recognition  -  receive a Certificate of Attainment and a letter of reference.

Be creative  -  use your own skills and ideas to create a campaign unique to you.

Contribution  -  your participation in this program could contribute towards the community or volunteer-based scholarships and awards.

About the program

This 12-month ambassador program will consist of three stages:

Development: This will consist of five sessions conducted by professionals within the charity:  learning about light pollution, astronomy, ecology and science communication. During these sessions, you will be paired with a mentor who will help you flesh out your project to make it a success.

Implementation:  Using the skills and knowledge gained in the training, you will work with ADSA Board Members and volunteers. You will have twelve months to fulfil the project.

Celebration: After all your hard work comes the joy of success and that deserves a celebration.

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