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 Youth Ambassadors

Who can be an ADSA Youth Ambassador?


You can

Youth Ambassadors are just that: They are aged between 18 - 25 years of age, inspired to make a positive change in the world, and keen to work as part of a collaborative passionate people.

Youth Ambassadors support ADSA's mission to inform communities about light pollution - the world’s fastest growing pollutant. Utilising their own unique skills, interests and networks, they engage others to reduce the impact of light in our fragile natural ecosystems, to human health, and from seeing the stars.


Youth Ambassadors are committed to empowering change!

About the program in 2024


This 12 month ambassador program will consist of three stages:

1. Development:   This will consist of sessions conducted by the board members. In this phase you will learn about light pollution, astronomy, ecology and science communication. 

Under the tutelage of Dr Jen Martin - Science Communicator extraordinaire - you will learn the best techniques for live, social media and written communication with the view of using these skills for in stage two. 

2. Implementation:  Using these newly acquired skills and knowledge you will work with the ADSA Ambassadors from the past, Board Members and volunteers to deliver and create content, deliver marketing strategies and conduct ADSA's key event for 2024. This event will focus on high-level communications with policy-makers of the impacts of light pollution on the Australian Environment, 

3. Celebration: After all your hard work comes the joy of success and that deserves a celebration.


Do I need to be a scientist, an expert on light pollution, a uni student?


We are looking for all skill sets, all interests, all sorts of abilities. If you are a videographer, a musician, an administrator, a financial planner, a builder or a stay at home parent, you can apply. We are primarily looking for people who feel passionately about saving the night environment, can give up some time, deliver a project on time, and work well with a team.


How old is a youth ambassador?

18 - 25 years of age.

How will I make a difference?

Using your talents, interest and networks, you'll help deliver an online lesson to thousands of people around the world. This could be anything from writing scripts, acting in video content, delivering social and traditional media strategies, coordinating sponsors, designing the learning platform and more... there's lots to do but every action you take will address the impacts of light pollution and will be guided by sound Science Communication principles.

What is the commitment?

The Ambassadorship will commence in late February 2024 and end in October 2024. This will include a once a month get together on zoom aimed at coordinating the project and team and 3 x 2 hour training sessions on science communication. 


In the days and weeks leading up to the event, things will get busy and you'll be in demand as we reach out to  policy makers and the public.

How do I apply?

We are currently accepting applications by video. In a 2 - 3 minute video - phone is fine.

Tell us why you would like to be an ambassador for a cause focused on light pollution, what are your unique talents and skills and how would you use these to persuade policy makers to implement light mitigation strategies. 

Videos must be received by COB 20 December 2023 ( 5pm AEDT) 

Key Dates

20 December 2023  - 5pm - send in your video

18 December 2023 - Ambassadors contacted

Late February - Ambassadorship begins

Still have questions? You can email

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