Purple Sparkler

ADSA Youth Ambassadors

10.30am - 18 November

In 2021 we launched the ADSA Youth Ambassador program, designed to give a younger voice to the issues of light pollution. Five wonderful ambassadors were chosen and have used their year to create unique missions to raise awareness to the cause, embracing their skills and utilising their networks and talents.

Now its your turn.

If you're 18 - 25 and keen to make a positive change in the world, this may be your cause.

Learn more about the 2022 Ambassadorships with our Q+A. 

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What is ADSA APPROVED,  how does it fit in with Australian Standards, and who should be using it and why? 

THe Science of Light POllution

How is our natural environment impacted by artificial light at night both terrestrially and astronomically.

Australian Light POllution Guidelines

The Australian Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment discusses the purpose of the Light Pollution Guidelines and why they exist