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Corporate Sponsors

Thank you

Even voluntary organisations need money to make change.  Conversation by conversation, light by light, we're winning hearts and minds, and helping people choose lights that are more sensitive to the environment.


We are exceedingly grateful to our Alliance Allies and Corporate Sponsors


who have supported us in many ways and allowed us to do the work that we do,

and have done so, right from the very beginning. 


Pendoley Environmental

Pendoley Environmental was established in 1997 by Dr Kellie Pendoley. A leading marine conservation biology and artificial light assessment consultancy, group with over 30 years experience.

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Erco Lighting

ERCO is a global player with independent sales organisations and partners in 55 countries worldwide. In addition to these locations, ERCO showrooms and offices can be found all around the globe, where our teams of highly qualified and specially trained staff are available as professional consultants. 

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