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Night Skies

Illuminating Councils

Shedding Light on Community Dark Skies

Has your council been requested to engage dark sky principles in their planning?

Join our campaign, and add your council to the network of areas addressing light pollution issues.


Part 1: Survey Participation
Participate in this survey aimed at gathering your insights
and opinions regarding support for local councils to implement dark sky principles. The survey will collect valuable data to better understand public sentiment and support for preserving dark skies.


Part 2: Letters to your Council Representatives
We've drafted this letter, and at your request, can send this to your local council representatives expressing your support for the implementation of dark sky principles in your region. The letter highlights the importance of preserving dark skies for environmental, cultural, and scientific reasons and encourages councils to consider adopting policies and measures to protect dark skies for future generations.

Part 3: Attend the Symposium and Roundtable 
The data collected from the survey will serve as essential background information for the upcoming symposium and roundtable event titled "Valuing Darkness," 11 - 12 September. This data will provide valuable insights and perspectives from you - the Australian public and will contribute to informed discussions and decision-making during the event.

By combining these three components, the campaign aims to raise awareness, gather public input, and advocate for the preservation of dark skies. 

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