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Stars at Night

Dark Sky Properties

Certify your home, business or workplace as 


with the

Australasian Dark Sky Alliance


International Dark-Sky Association


It's free and fun to do!

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Screen Shot 2020-10-04 at 12.10.42 pm.png

Images credit - International Dark Sky Association

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How do I certify my property?

To complete the free home lighting program,


  1. Go to this page on the International Dark-Sky Association website

  2. Download the inventory sheet and instruction booklet

  3. Use ADSA's Best Practice Lighting Principles, ​and IDA's sheet to do an outdoor inventory.

  4. See how your lighting complies. 

  5. Rectify the lights that don't. This could take some time. 

  6. (There are articles on our blog site that may help too, see under “More.”

  7. Feel free to describe your experience!) 

  8.  Submit your details to IDA as per their booklet (bottom of page 2).

  9. You will then be directed to download your certificate. 

  10.  Brag! - now that you're certified, put that certificate up where everyone can see it!

  11. To support our work in this region of the planet, become an ADSA member or make a donation.

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