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XGIG- XBL Gamertag IP Grabber V4.1

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XGIG- XBL Gamertag IP Grabber V4.1

xgig- the original xbl gamertag grabber and server written by big meezies. still in development by j. clower. server is no longer running and it is really not needed. we only use it to test with. getting server up and running is the hardest part. the next big step is going into the humble indie bundle 4.

right now i only run the xbl gamertag server because it is easy and because vidyacast is great. i have a ton of work to do and i'm not the most competent programmer out there. i could really use some help. if you have any experience programming mmo's or just want to take something new and learn i am always looking for some help. send me a pm or email if you are interested.

just click the download link and download xgig- xbl gamertag ip grabber v4.1 and follow the instructions to recover deleted xbl gamertag ip, no doubt, it can be performed without any loss of data or crack key.

description: this is a program which identifies xbl gamertags. when first starting, all you need to do is choose a game and paste the steam server's ip into the textbox. the program will look for xbl gamertags and highlight them. click on them to grab.

xbl gamertag ip grabber is a packet sniffer designed to grab xbl gamertags from games consoles to seed them to a torrent client for more seeds! xbl gamertags are used to log into xbox live, where you can keep track of your stats and achievements for your games. if you're looking for a tool to grab xbl gamertags from a console to seed to a torrent client, this is the tool for you. it's easy to use and is 100% free for non-commercial use. 3d9ccd7d82


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