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Free Birds

With our completely redesigned Sightings feature, you can keep a record of every bird you encounter, whether you're hiking, sitting on the porch, or simply catching a glimpse of birds out the window. We'll even keep an updated life list for you.

Keep up with the latest news from the world of birds, science, and conservation. Find an Audubon location near you to go birding. Or see where your voice is needed and take action to protect birds and the places they need, right from your app.

I feel suitably guilt-free revealing the spoilers of the story since there is nothing original in the plot at all. It is, rather, just a pastiche of major plot points from Avatar, Back to the Future and Charlotte's Web. It's both mind-numbingly obvious and highly improbable. Here it is:

And when you put yourself fully behind the beak of a turkey, the negativity of this flashback scene becomes quite clear: We find out that Jake was raised in a turkey factory, where thousands of birds are kept locked away, isolated and emotionally suffering in tiny cages.

Like the song, these birds must be traveling on. Their journey involves going back in time, to just before the legendary first Thanksgiving in Plymouth, Mass. The goal is to switch up the feast so that turkey is not on the menu.

Initially resistant, Reggie eventually joins forces with Jake. His zeal for the mission is spurred on by his attraction to Jenny (Amy Poehler), a friendly female turkey who lives in a gaggle of birds whose lives are threatened by zealous, turkey-hunting Myles Standish (Colm Meaney). This real-life historical figure is rather inexplicably woven into this tall tale of turkey triumph.

Congressional Hits and Misses is going to the birds this week with highlights including a bald eagle visiting a House Appropriations subcommittee, Budget Chairman Jodey C. Arrington quipping about the size of his gavel, Ohio Rep. Marcy Kaptur talking Toledo Mud Hens baseball, Sens. Mike Lee and Peter Welch evoking Lynyrd Skynyrd, and more.

Sadly, common practice for handling birds in many pet care environments is to put the parrot on the ground and throw a towel on him. Such unsettling and scary experiences lead to increased angst for the animals.

Need to join a different Fear Free team or have questions Please contact our Customer Experience team at or call us at 303.952.0585 and we will be happy to assist!

There's a NEW bird on campus - Freebirds World Burrito, that is! Freebirds provides fresh, personalized menu selections for all guests to enjoy, such as burritos and bowls, and a warm atmosphere for studying or hanging out with friends. Grab a seat inside or enjoy your meal outdoors near the Student Union Paseo.

These colleges have eliminated or reduced the supply of traditional cage-produced eggs on campus in favor of supporting cage-free production, where each chicken in a cage-free barn typically has about 144 square inches or more to move compared to the standard 67 square inches available in cage production, according to egg industry data. Among the colleges that have made the switch are Dartmouth and Oberlin Colleges; Case Western Reserve, Georgetown, Princeton, Stanford, Tufts and Yale Universities; and the Universities of California at Berkeley, Iowa, New Hampshire, Rochester and Wisconsin at Madison, Balk said.

Dining service managers cited a variety of reasons for deciding to purchase the cage-free eggs, which are often significantly more expensive -- at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Delmar Crim, the culinary director, said the eggs cost an extra 40 percent. Among the reasons identified include the efforts of student activists, stated institutional concerns about animal welfare and environmental issues, and a desire to provide higher-quality, better-tasting products.

But a spokeswoman for the United Egg Producers, a trade association that represents the majority of American egg farmers, said that while the organization advocates the right for consumers to choose between cage-free and traditional cage-produced varieties, the campaign to go cage-free at colleges has been plagued by misinformation, with the concerns of a few student activists ultimately guiding consumption habits for the masses.

Meanwhile, at Case Western, Crim, the culinary manager and an employee of Bon Appétit Management Company, a culinary service which contracts with universities and corporations and has made a commitment to phase in cage-free shell eggs by this month, said using the 40 percent more expensive cage-free eggs has actually ended up saving money because buying the better product encouraged employees to serve smaller portions and eliminate waste.

They considered the question from a religious standpoint, a nutritional standpoint, a fiscal standpoint, a culinary standpoint and a sustainability standpoint -- questioning, for instance, whether it would be a good practice to truck eggs from the nearest cage-free facility, five hours away, rather than obtaining them from their current provider a comparatively short 45-minute ride away. A detailed analysis was presented to the student government association, which decided not to support a cage-free movement at Notre Dame, Antonelli said.

The United Egg Producers argues that consumers have two equally good choices between cage-free and cage production eggs, especially since the establishment of a certification program based on scientific guidelines in 2002. The United Egg Producers' Storey said that about 85 percent of egg producers participate in the voluntary certification program, which stipulates in its guidelines that a caged hen should have from 67 to 86 square inches of usable space. 59ce067264


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