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Magnic Light Buy


Magnic Light Buy

Magnic Microlights and Wega lights are the further development of the non-contact working Magnic Light bicycle dynamos -invented and produced by us. They work without any additional components in small distance from the wheels and reliably supply electricity for the integrated bicycle lights. Front lights are strong enough to enlight the road for cycling in complete darkness and rear lights are extremely strong with stand light function (more than 4 minutes). Front & Rear lights successfully passed German STVZO. You won't find a comparable product for your bicycle on this planet.

Our rim dynamo lights work for every bike. Magnic Microlights ar integrated in Roadbike/ Vbrake/ Cantilever brake shoes and the clamp version "Wega" is compatible with all kinds of bicycles incl. disc brakes.

Without lighting, cyclists risk their lives in the dark - but those on the road with battery lights will soon be left in the dark when the journey takes too long or the batteries are no longer full. Magnic (Micro)-lights can't be turned off at daylight: With lights on your visibilty increases significantly which means a great deal of safety.

The key is so-called eddy current technology : Energy is drawn from the rotating bicycle wheels without any physical contact, and thus without friction. Instead, eddy currents created by strong magnets generate electricity to power the lights: When the wheel spins, magnets inside the generator induce eddy currents with corresponding magnetic fields in the wheel, which in turn interact with the magnets in the generator. The resulting electricity will power your lights indefinitely without any environmentally harmful batteries or cumbersome cables. Discover More

Neither batteries nor external cables, further fittings or spoke-magnets are necessary. Solely the brake shoes are to be exchanged for microlight - brake shoes, so that the maintenance only involves the exchange of worn brake pads after thousands of kilometres. Over time, brake pads become thinner - for this we have integrated a special mechanism that keeps the distance from the generator to the rim constant and prevents grinding. The included brake pads are compatible with other standard brake pads of other manufacturers as available in every cycle shop. Discover More

For the production of Magnic Microlights & Wega we started a Crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Here you see our campaign video - made with "self-made" 3D-printed prototypes. The final products are the result of this campaign and have much better properties than initally presented here: Discover More

Although it is possible to buy individual Magic Lights, we received a complete package that included two headlights and one tail light. That kit contains all the hardware necessary for a variety of mounting options, which was actually a little intimidating at first. None of the various bags of brackets, nuts and bolts are labelled, leaving the buyer to figure out which ones they should be using.

All three lights illuminated us nicely on our night rides, with no batteries or wheel-rubbing involved. Supposedly they do still create a very small amount of wheel resistance, but we certainly couldn't detect it.

Each one puts out about 40 lumens at a cycling speed of 20 km/h (12 mph), so they're definitely more "be-seen" than "light up the road" lights, but that's fine for commuting on already-lit streets. The light output is also quite smooth and consistent, thanks to the inclusion of a capacitor that also allows the lights to remain lit when the user stops at intersections.

Because there are no physical switches on the lights, users have to change modes by first spinning up the wheel for a minute in order to charge the capacitor, then suddenly stopping the wheel and waiting for the light to start flashing, then spinning the wheel once again until the light resumes flashing, and then stopping the wheel and waiting for the light to flash yet again, indicati


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