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Logitech Optical Trackball Zip !LINK!


Logitech Optical Trackball Zip !LINK!

Control Features: Many gaming mice include numerous extra programmable buttons so you can customize your control setup, and most also include a built in scroll wheel. Some people also prefer a trackball mouse, an alternative to the traditional laser or optical mouse that allows you to control the cursor by rolling a ball with your thumb or fingers.

Advanced trackball with adjustable hinge and extra 10 wedge for customized hand position and greater comfort. Features the latest tracking, scrolling and power management technology. Logitech FLOW enables effortless multi-computer control.

Logitech has long been synonymous with industry-defining peripherals and its range of wireless mice, trackballs and touchpads does not disappoint. From a quick zip through the internet to intensive gaming and all-day office use there's a Logitech wireless mouse, trackball or touch pad to match every need.

All Logitech wireless mice are sculptured for maximum operational comfort, whether pocket-sized for netbooks , Chromebooks and laptops or larger for work intensive desktop use. Depending on individual mice, features include programmable buttons, micro-precision and hyper-fast scrolling, noise reduction, laser quality optical tracking and Darkfield laser tracking that works on any surface including glass. Battery life is exemplary across the range with up to 3 years for standard batteries and 40 days for rechargeable ones.

Logitech trackball mice let the thumb do the cursor positioning work, supporting the hand and resting the arm. Beyond all day comfort, Logitech trackball mice don't need to move making them perfect for working in confined spaces, from small desks to airplane seat trays.

The optical sensor is so powerful that I could have effectively doubled the size of the 40-inch mousepad and doubled the speed at which I moved my hand and, even then, the G402 could take it. Like the insanely inflated 12,000 dpi range in the Logitech G502 Proteus Core, this level of speed tracking is absolutely unnecessary. Thankfully, the G402 stands just fine by itself, ludicrous sensor or not. 1e1e36bf2d


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