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Talking about Dark Skies - with Jen Martin and IDA

Two Online sessions - 2 March

Advocate Action Meeting

As a dark sky advocate, it is likely more people will hear you speak about your work than will ever read your papers or reports. For this reason, it's essential you become the most effective, engaging and confident public speaker you can be. In this session we'll cover the planning, design and presentation stages involved with every talk. In particular, we'll talk about how to capture and maintain your audience’s attention, how to distill your core message, how to tackle nerves and how to ensure you don't suffer 'Death by Powerpoint'.

Come learn this important skill from Associate Professor Jen Martin on Thursday, March 2nd. We will be holding two sessions to accommodate for global time zones.

Session 1 will be held at 6:00 PM UTC (10 AM PST).

Session 2 will be held at 5:00 PM PST (1:00 AM UTC the next day).

Below are some links that will automatically convert the time to your local timezone.


About Professor Jen Martin

Associate Professor Jen Martin spent many years working as a field ecologist until she decided the most useful thing she could contribute as a scientist was to teach other scientists how to be effective and engaging communicators. Jen founded and leads the University of Melbourne’s acclaimed Science Communication Teaching Program and is deeply committed to helping scientists develop the skills they need to be visible, make connections and have impact. She also practices what she preaches: for 18 years she’s been talking about science each week on 3RRR radio, Australia’s largest community radio station. She writes for a variety of publications, hosts podcasts and emcees events. Jen was named the 2019 "Unsung Hero of Australian Science Communication", is Ambassador for The Wilderness Society’s Nature Book Week and is a board member for the Australasian Dark Sky Alliance. Jen’s first popular science book, ‘Why am I like this? The science behind your weirdest thoughts and habits’ was published in 2022

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