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Dark Sky Festival - Trademark

Attention stargazers and dark sky enthusiasts!

Recently we became aware of the announcement of the trademarking of the name "Dark Sky Festival" by the Western Australia Tourism Commission.

This move has sparked concerns among those who value and advocate for dark sky initiatives and the sharing of the night sky. "Dark Sky Festival" remains a symbol of community-driven efforts to cherish and protect our celestial wonders.

Trademarking such a generic term could restrict the use of the name for similar events across Australia, stifling the efforts of communities and organisations working to raise awareness about light pollution and promote dark sky conservation. "Dark Sky Festival" is used all around the world by those who wish to organise events aimed at celebrating and protecting our night skies.

If you are concerned and believe in preserving the integrity of dark sky initiatives, you could support the South Australian River Murray Council in their efforts to challenge this trademark. Your voice matters in this important endeavour to safeguard our dark skies for generations to come.

You can move your own motion of opposition, or join South Australia with letters of support sent to Jarrod Bielby ( and Dallis Von Wald ( at the Mid Murray Council to show your support.

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