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We were founded with the belief that awards based on skills and experience should be available to everyone regardless of status, location, wealth, career and / or family commitments. The brainchild of several certification holders and business owners, we attract students from across the entire English speaking world as well many non-English speaking countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. Our clients are drawn from all walks of life and encouraged to give themselves a chance at a brighter future with that all too elusive college degree., based on what they already know. We also offer replacement-copy degrees and transcripts. Today's social pedagogy may be derived, in part, from massive present life social movements.

In 1834 the University of London became the very first institution of higher learning to offer degrees that did not require classroom attendance. Today that same concept is called Nontraditional Education. Within our society there are legions of productive individuals who have no formal university education. Others found it necessary to drop out of college prior to obtaining the education they desired (Bill Gates and Steve Jobs both famously dropped out of college). Many of these people have acquired an extensive education through life experiences and some have become experts in their respective fields and professions. What is common among many of these individuals (and what frequently limits their personal and professional growth) is the lack of formal educational credentials. However for most adults returning to the classroom to obtain these credentials is virtually impossible.

Many Online programs available. Work skills equivalent degrees, and even fake transcripts, for those whom have lost, damaged, or their university has closed. Today's internet, allows many to go online, and purchase a degree at a fraction of the cost and receive it in hours, or days. She had the privilege, to remain under the tutelage of a master of pedagogy. His education was beyond the confines of walls. He learned from the minds of those whom have semi-centennial, and more years of education. Her takeaway, "I'll be as smart as them in 40 years."

When Mauricio Lopez came to the United States 20 years ago from El Salvador to live with his mom, he had a green card, but no high school degree. He was 18 years old and did not speak English. So, his job possibilities were limited. For a time, he served as a restaurant cook.

Lopez is just the kind of worker described in a new report from the Strada Education Network, Lumina Foundation and Gallup. The report says that American adults who hold certificates and certifications, but no college degree, report better employment and lives than those without certificates. Lumina says that five percent of individuals without a college degree have a certificate.

It found that adults without a college degree, who have a certificate or certification, have higher full-time employment rates than others with no credentials. The report says they have higher yearly wages. It also says they believe their education path was valuable, and would advise others to follow.

Complete graduation requirements for the associate degree, including minimum proficiency requirements in English and mathematics, may be found on the Associate in Arts & Associate in Science Degree Requirements page. Requirements for the associate degree for transfer and the certificate of achievement may be found on the Programs of Study page.

Lookiing for a place to buy degree online from UK & USA Welcome to Original Degrees, where you can buy a degree certificate without having to attend college. After all, without the papers to show that you have a degree, you cannot get very far in your career.

We have connections with some of the best universities in UK & USA, so that you can buy UK & USA degrees which is fully authentic. All of our universities have real campuses, but we cannot disclose their name for confidentiality reasons just like we have a full confidentiality clause on the people who buy their degrees from us.

You may ask yourself why you should buy a degree online. It is the most common question we are asked by customers. Consider the case where you have a life to lead. You always wanted a doctorate degree, but never had the time to follow it up in real life due to career and family. In fact, often most people do not have the time for the effort needed for a part time college education either. In that case, when you buy a PhD degree, not only do you fulfil your dream, you get to save a lot of time as well. If you did not get the opportunity to go through a college education, you can simply buy UK & USA bachelor degree and catch up with all the hype in your own time.

Our guarantee is for original degrees no matter whether you want to buy UK & USA master degree or any other level: all from fully accredited universities. It will be authorised by the relevant authorities as well. As we said, it is the real thing. What is the difference Well, you spent the time a student spent sitting in classroom to get the skills that actually matter in real life.

We have several more reasons on why you should consider an online college degree, but if you are here, you probably know them all. What we provide above all that is top notch security to guarantee your success. Do not let education be the barrier between you and your success any longer. If you want to buy accredited degree, simply contact us and we will provide you the degree that will take you to the new heights. After all, a degree is the door to your success.

Most recently, O.P. Jindal Global University announced three new online degrees on Coursera. Two of them cost $6000, while an MBA in Business Analytics costs $7,500, making it the most expensive online degree offered by an Indian university.

Can i with from amity university online get a MNC job / pursue professional courses ACCA,CFA /post graduation and can u point negatives of pursing this online degree. In my case i want backup option for CA.

Dear Sir,I have done my 3 years Diploma In Mechanical Engineering from Govt. Polytechnic in 2005. I want to do MBA in the field of Marketing. I have 15 years working experience in the field of Engineering and Marketing field. Is it possible to do MBA directly from a recognized University through online mode Or I have to do Bachelor degree first. Please suggest. I will be highly grateful.

I am a post graduate diploma holder in General surgery and emergency obstetrics. Also, qualified in many other fields of health studies: higher diploma in clinical and environmental sciences, national diploma in Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS Counselling, certificate and diploma in abdominal Ultrasound scanning. Will I be opportuned to pursueOn line Masters of Science in Hospital administration in your institution Thanks in Advance. Yours faithfully, Joseph Magona Bassie.

Hii Sir, I really admire you,Sir but I am quite stressed about my career plan.Pleaseguide me.I am in 3rd year of my CS Engineering and and my math is pretty good and I want to explore math world,and I want high salary .So I am planning to go to Germany(teaching:highest paid jobs)and do math related work there.So I want math degree(like B.Sc Honours in math) and little experience. So,please let me know,is it worth it to get a degree and go there for professorship. Sir,please reply and Thanks in advance.

I had pursued my professional career since last 24 years and had given up education due to some personal reasons & I have not completed my bachelors degree. Now with over 24 years of rich work experience what are the option available for me to do business management or get a certified degree.

If you have completed 12th certificate you can do a UG course and I can see you are keen on business management. There are many universities now offering online programmes. Check for their approval status in UGC DEB website and enroll. Online degrees are equivalent to on campus degrees.

I am a student Councillor. Many of them have passed their +2 and into business. Now I would like to know if you can provide them any degree certificate. in arts or comerce. if possible please let me have the details.

Do these also offer online classes, or will they just provide course material and you give exams on your own Would be great to have a list of universitites/ course with online clsses offering degrees.

Since almost all the mentioned degrees are from Indian universities and currency is mostly in INR so we have listed it in INR.For USD simply divide the price by 75 to get the approximate price in USD.

Hi, this is a great analysis. However, it currently includes only Tier 2/3 universities in India. It would be super useful to see the prices of UGC approved online degrees offered by the premiere schools in India like the IITs and IIMs.

There are some restrictions as to what changes can be made to the diploma name. Students may change their first and middle name, but the last name must contain the primary legal name (students may use a second last name along with the primary last name, or a former primary name). If you have completed a legal name change, please update the primary legal name on your UNT record. For further instructions please go to Update Your Personal Information.Ordering Duplicate Diplomas and CertificatesDuplicate diplomas and academic certificates can be ordered through our office. All Bachelor's and Master's diploma reorders will be in 11 x 14 format and Doctoral diplomas will be in 14 x 17 format. All diplomas, regardless of the year of graduation, will read University of North Texas and have current administrators' signatures. Please allow six to eight weeks for delivery. Certificates are in a 9 x 12 format.

Thomas Edison State University offers a wide variety of degree and certificate programs that may be completed entirely through the University's online and distance learning courses. Below is list of these programs. 59ce067264


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