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Body Heat 2010 Hollywood Movie 29l

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Not many movies get an annual screening in my home theater. However, "Body Heat" (1981) is one film that has remained on my radar since my first viewing sometime back in my teenage years. Armed to the gills with perfected production values, a lascivious narrative and stunning decade-defining visuals, this is a movie ripe with the passion of numerous performers coming together in an orgy of style and morally gradient substance.

Soft lighting, sweltering heat, an omnipresent noir tone and sensuality run amuck all add up to one of the best movies of the '80s. With a steamy performance from a sultry and seductive pre-Romancing The Stone, Kathleen Turner and a youthful and scrupulously ambiguous performance from William Hurt, "Body Heat" is a sexy, no-holds-barred classic that still holds its own. With a seething chemistry that oozes eroticism between its two leads, the film is a reminder of how a well-written story trumps all other elements. 1e1e36bf2d


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