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Four International Guest Speakers

We are delighted to announce that the ADSA 2021 Webinar series will have four internationally acclaimed speakers, from a variety of light pollution-related topics.

- Dr Eva Schernhammer

Dr Schernhammer is recognised for the epidemiological work she has done linking shift work, light exposure at night and breast cancer, diabetes and neurological disorders.

- David Bird and Jackson Stigwood

Industry Lighting specialists, David and Jackson will answer the most frequently asked questions about artificial light at night and your rights.

- Sriram Murali

The award-winning film "Lost in Light" has turned many people onto the night sky. What other ways can we engage people in preserving the night time environment?

- Prof Clive Ruggles

Should cultural heritage sites be lit at night for tourists? What is the value of the night sky for cultures present and past? Prof Ruggles explores these question from an archeo astronomy perspective.


- Free to members^

- $15 for non-members

^ Members must book through the membership hub Joinit to redeem the 100% discount.

Webinars will be posted to the website and may be accessed by subscription at a later date.

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