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Croatia will have to reduce light pollution by 50%

The Croatia Week reported this, this week. Do you know of other places in the world doing such things?

ZAGREB, Nov 30 (Hina) – All towns and cities in Croatia will have to carry out strategies for reducing light pollution whereby they are expected to determine shorter periods for lighting or dim lights to 50% of their brightness, the Vecernji List daily reported on Monday.

Controlling the brightness of lighting is regulated by the rules on the illumination of public spaces and the rules are envisaged by the law on light pollution protection, adopted last year, the daily says.

In both the rural and urban areas, most of the lighting is supposed to be turned off or dimmed for at least three hours.

Controlling the brightness of the lighting will be conducted in residential areas, industrial and trade zones, and along with transport infrastructure in accordance with the intensity of activities.

The urban centres with a commercial character with a high intensity of activities at night can have lighting dimmed.

The brightness of decorative illumination installations can be reduced or turned off, and landscape lighting must be turned off.

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