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Are you our next President?

We are currently seeking a President with sound experience in governance and charity compliance.

The Australasian Dark Sky Alliance is the only charity of its kind in Australia dedicated to reducing the fastest-growing pollutant in the world.

Commencing in 2019, the charity has exceeded expectations, working with the Department of Agriculture Water and Environment to make recommendations on reducing the impacts of light at night; achieving a Guinness World Record for holding a multinational education program on light pollution; launching a youth ambassador program, creating a certification scheme for dark sky lighting and presenting many educational webinars, talks, and events on the topic.

We are now entering a growth period that requires the expertise, time, and energy of someone committed to reducing the fastest-growing pollutant, by taking our organisation to the next stage.

With a board of 5 experts in a variety of light pollution-related fields, plus committees devoted to outreach, communication, technical, cultural connection, the President will be responsible for driving best practices within a charitable structure, determining succession planning and strengthening public policy. The board meets monthly and will also oversee a number of events planned throughout the year.

The Board is searching for someone who has a brilliant track record in charity governance, time and ability to build relationships and partnerships and a desire to make a difference in the world.

No need to know about light pollution, your commitment to conserving the night environment is all you need.

Please share this with everyone and send expressions of interest to info@ausdarksky.org

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