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10% INCREASE - Globe At Night citizen science program reveals rapid increase in light pollution

Data collected by citizen scientists around the world over the past 12 years shows that the night sky is disappearing due to rapid increases in light pollution.

The data, reported today in the journal Science, indicates the change in visibility reported is equivalent to an average increase in sky brightness of 9.6 per cent per year.

"The rate at which people are reporting that they see fewer stars was shockingly fast," said Christopher Kyba, who led the study.

Read the full article by Genelle Weule ABC here:


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Imagine if your children can't see more than 100 stars when they are 18?

The Australasian Dark Sky Alliance is committed to educating Australians on the benefits of protecting our night environment. But we do this as a group of volunteers with very few sources of funding to tap into.

Unlike plastic, chemical, air or water pollution there is NO support from Government to mitigate the impacts, assess the impacts on our native species or humans, or encourage behavioural change.

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Artificial lights in urban areas have dulled our view of the night sky.(Supplied: NOIRLab/NSF/AURA, P. Marenfeld)

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