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Geneious R6 Serial Number

we also calculated the viral and zoonotic richness of the top ten mammal orders predicted to contain the highest numbers of as-yet-undiscovered zoonoses per host species, and how many zoonoses are expected per geographic grid cell. we identified areas where the number of zoonotic viruses per host species, and thus the potential risk of spillover to humans, is highest ( fig. 3, extended data figs 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 ).

zika virus is the most recently emerged arbovirus and, as such, represents an example of viral emergence from an enzootic to a human pathogen. given the novelty of zika virus and the public health and economic impact of this emergence, we expected that research effort and disease-related citations would play a major role in determining the probability of an animal species becoming a zoonotic virus. we tested this prediction by including the number of disease-related citations per animal species in the best-fit model for zoonotic viruses, and found that this variable (research effort) had the greatest positive effect on the probability of a host species becoming zoonotic ( fig. 2 ). in addition, we found that the increase in zoonotic viruses caused by an increase in research effort was similar to the increase in zoonotic viruses caused by an increase in the number of humans within each species range ( fig. a similar pattern of positive effect was observed for the number of occurrences of zika virus in the target host species ( fig.

an additional finding of our study is that the probability of a host species becoming a zoonotic virus is positively correlated with the number of urban human population within the species range ( fig. 2 ). this positive correlation is driven by the large majority of viruses in wild mammal species (86.7% of all zoonotic viruses are found in wild mammals). 3d9ccd7d82


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