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Ricochet Infinity Full Version Free Download NEW!


Ricochet Infinity Full Version Free Download NEW!

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Although the game involves an advanced level of computer skill, it is not extremely difficult to pick up. However, you may find it somewhat challenging to master the Aim/Click maneuvering required to successfully hit the ball. Many people who do not have much mouse practice find this game's fast pace and addictive quality very difficult to master, but it's well worth the effort for those who get the hang of the mouse movement. Those who find that they have trouble successfully hitting a ball in the first place should practice their aiming skills during the free trial period. If you're not able to get the aiming aspect of the game down during the free trial period, it's best to buy the game and wait until you can get the hang of the mouse movement.

Thankfully I had previously downloaded and backed up onto DVD several hundred from before Infinity was released (when you had to go to the web site as it wasn't available from directly within the game until Infinity added the ability to download directly into the game). Those I still have as executable level sets. I just have to execute the file then copy the resulting level set files to where I now have my ricochet infinity game installed (via Steam).

Hi Controlled Chaos, I sent the Steam keys anyway, so please do use them. If you don't let me know and I'll give them to one of my friends. I'll check the level sets myself. I've been slowly downloading the sets since I posted the above last week. I'm presently on page 160 having downloaded 1600 level sets so far and intend to download them all. I've separated them into Infinity levels and pre infinity levels as the infinity created level sets wont work in the earlier versions of the game.

p.s. I've been having issues trying to see the levels I've downloaded. What I did was a refresh, then as it was a steam version of the game, I opened up the properties, then clicked on the Local Files tab and selected verify the integrity of the game files. This then allowed me to see all of the infinity levels I'd downloaded from the above site, but all the pre infinity levels were not showing. I'm going to re install my original copy and see if that has the same issue, which I suspect it won't. I've had issues with Steam versions of games before when it comes to installing mods. I've still to find the files though. :)

[size=3]You can now get all four of the Ricochet franchise for free via My Abandonware. The dev's released a version called Ricochet Lost Worlds: Recharged shortly after the best of the custom-made level sets created by the community via Ricochet: Lost Worlds became available when Reflexive arcade created a download site where you could access the levels.

Ricochet Lost Worlds was the first to include the Level editor, that gave the community the ability to create their own levels sets. This was a big hit and within a year of Lost World being released, there were thousands of level sets available to download for free. I spent many hours downloading the best of them over several months, saving all those rated from A+ to D- Ratings went down to F-

View full review In September 2010, Ricochet Infinity was released for the iPhone app store. The mobile version of the game makes use of motion sensitivity of the de


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