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The Sankebetsu brown bear incident[a], also known as the Rokusensawa bear attack[b] or the Tomamae brown bear incident[c], was the most brutal bear attack in Japanese history.[1] It took place from December 9-14, 1915, when an Ussuri brown bear woke from hibernation and repeatedly attacked several houses in Hokkaidō, Japan, killing seven settlers.[2][3]

Yamamoto was familiar with Kesagake's behavior and successfully tracked him down. Yamamoto spotted the bear resting near a Japanese oak. He approached to within 20 meters of the bear and shot at it. His first shot hit the bear's heart and the second shot hit his head, fatally wounding the animal.[4]

Yayo, who received head wounds in the attack, made a full recovery, but Miyoke Umekichi, who was bitten by the bear while being carried on his mother's back, died less than three years later from the wounds he had suffered.[clarification needed] 1e1e36bf2d


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