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and it's only the map that is downloaded. None of the other tiles are downloaded, and the Explore app and Garmin Connect Mobile app are unable to communicate with each other.

The apps are able to communicate with the Etrex without a problem.

The solution: Since Garmin has access to the map tiles I would like to switch to Garmin as well. I have a Garmin 510, and I have tried several iterations of the 550/330 series, and the latest batch of 510's. No matter what I do I cannot get the Garmin Explore app to sync with my Garmin GPS. The Explore app, when running as a background app, shows the following message:

I tried uninstalling the apps, resetting the Etrex, reinstalling the apps, resetting the apps, restarting the battery and the GPS. I have both the Explore app and Garmin Connect Mobile app on my phone and both apps show the error message.

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