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Radio Code Calculator Becker Traffic Pro

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To save your radio's security code for use at any time, you can save a code to a New code category in the app by tapping Save Code in the top right of the main view. There is a Preview screen with a Delete option if you wish to delete the code. Note: when saving the code, it is advisable to check the radio status and choose a code that you are confident you are entering correctly to prevent the code becoming permanently saved. If you choose a code, that you are not confident you entered correctly, then the Preview screen will alert you of this so you can correct it.

If you are a private user and wish to share a radio code with another user so that the code can be used by them, there is a Share button at the bottom of the Preview screen. The radio code that is being shared will be copied to the clipboard and sent to the user. The sharing process is secure and your email address will not be used for any marketing.

If you see Radio Encryption Unlocked: the radio is unlocked and ready to use. If you see You need to lock the radio, then you will need to put the radio back in the box and lock it before using the radio for 5 minutes. This is to prevent accidental use whilst the radio is switching over from encrypted to clear.

Check the status of your radio from within the app by selecting Show Radio Info which will display the correct radio status in the box at the bottom of the screen. If this returns Encrypted, then the radio is locked, and you will have to reset it manually using the physical buttons as described above.

Please only send us the details of the radio if you have the correct serial number, and if you are sure you can enter the code. If you have entered the correct code we will be able to identify the radio and will send you the unlock code. If you give us a radio that has not been identified, we will not be able to send you a code.

A BBC Radio 4 Checkpoint programme is broadcast on Sunday mornings between 10am and 11am. If you can tune in to this programme regularly, and can give us some details, it will help us to identify the radio and allow us to send you a code. Please send this using the contact form. If you are unable to tune in, please email your details to

When you have finished using the radio you will need to enter your email address and a unique password to access your account again. Once you have entered your account details you will be able to enter your code again and have access to all of the functions of the radio. If you are not able to unlock the radio within 10 attempts, then please call 1300 698 599.

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