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Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection-SKIDROW

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Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection-SKIDROW

I prefer to play arcade games on my Genesis so I opted for the next one! Castlevania art style is a definite step up from Contra though, definitely wish it had the heavy rotation of levels from Contra IV.

Treasures Greatest Hits. I cant think of any reason to get this when these games arent even going to be in the 20th Anniversary collection. Normally I'd get this if I was going for Arcade Plays but I probably wont pick this up (and wouldnt spend >20$ on the collection).

Saving some cash and using a European debit card means the only set back I got was paying $3.35 in transaction fees when buying the Arcade Classics. Im not sure why I would pay $7.00 to buy this collection.

I have a deep dislike for the Amiga for a long time. Even though my friends all liked it, I never got into it. To top it off, Konami has decided to release the arcade adventures of Castlevania for the Virtual Boy. So I decided to get this just to be pissed off at Konami.

I picked up the Contra & Contra 4 after some thought and its gonna be $8.00 cheaper than the Arcade Classics. I have the $10.00 prepaid card for playasia so will just be waiting for a sale. I know the price of this collection is $20.00 but if I have the $10.00 prepaid card from playasia, I can buy them both for that price.

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