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That any of this resolves on the immediate availability of an advocate of persuasion is an argument in itself - why would we wait until persuasion is needed to argue a case? Hence the obvious need for a good advocate when persuasion is your art.

When skilled persuasion becomes canon in a courtroom, then the canons of good conduct will be recognized by all judges as following the natural laws of persuasion. Similarly the market can be disrupted by the equivalent of an independent judiciary; businesses can be held to the law as if they were public companies – that is the purpose of ethics in business.

[The latter] were the hard-core Persuaders, they were the good persuaders and the good persuasives, and there was an undeniable dispassion in their eyes. Neither speech nor persuasion seemed to count for them, but the strike of their right hand at the moment of crisis, and the effect this had on their enemies, was enough to make them the lords of law, disorder and the weapon of last resort.

The people of the town once again needed a magistrate, and typically the strong persuasion of the locals had prevailed. They had carried their leader to the Court – one of the most experienced and skilled Persuaders in the service of the Duke.

The Persuader begins the dialogue with the person or the courtier in these circumstances well knowing that the case for the defendant will be given a sympathetic hearing by his audience. While this will get their leader through the courts quickly, not once will the Persuader influence his client to try and escape.

Each Persuaser, no matter their age, has their own fans and dislike for other persuasion types. Some prefer to use physical tools to persuade others whilst others like to use words. Almost all Persuasers recognize the virtues of training and a lot of practice.

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