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Rf 115 Metal Cutting Band Saw Manual

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Rf 115 Metal Cutting Band Saw Manual

Contm os fundamentos histricos, conceituais e metodolgicos, bem como as aplicaes prticas da epidemiologia. Os 24 captulos esto dispostos em cinco partes. Na primeira so apresentados um histrico e os conceitos gerais; na segunda os indicadores de sade; na terceira a epidemiologia descritiva; na quarta os aspectos metodolgicos; na quinta as aplicaes prticas. Glossrio com termos descritivos. Cada captulo termina com questionrio, exerccios (com respostas ao final da obra), leitura complementar e bibliografia. Destinado a estudantes da rea de sade e epidemiologistas.

The G5 Twin has a #6 shaft and a high pressure ratio. The shaft is sealed and screws into a quick disconnectsealing head at the rear. No adjustment plate is needed or service while in operation.

The rear third of the G5 is constructed of injection molded phenolic and trasparent ABS plastic, which is the same material used for automobile wheel hubs. The rear plate is held in place with six hex head studs.

The G5 Twin is basic also. The front of the housing features a soft handle (ergonomic) to give you good hand holdsto place the machine into recovery or load. At the far end of the housing is an attachment for the filler hose.

The G5 Twin front is a trasparent ABS plastic. The vacuum side of the G5 Twin is constructed of a (blue) top plate made out of injectionmolded phenolic. The phenolic part of the G5 Twin is visible through the ABS plastic of the vacuum side. d2c66b5586


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