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To some women, it's an engaging and positively charged adult-play activity. For others, it's a nagging, bad-sex roadblock, a veritable boner-killer. "I definitely prefer the condom practice, because sometimes the guy will swallow it instead of spitting it out or leaving it somewhere," a 21-year-old woman explained. "I find it gross. I will usually go to a bathroom and wash it down there."

The single most common method people use to get rid of semen in their partners is simply to cover their vagina with their hand; some also put a napkin there and might or might not find a way to wipe their hand on the napkin. (Others use the carpets and drapes of the house; more than one woman told us they emptied the sperm onto a piece of toilet paper and then used that to clean their vaginas.

And perhaps most commonly, women simply ignore sexual discharge in their own bodies. "Some guys are the most disgusting about it," a 24-year-old woman explained. "Some do it, but some will be like 'Oh, I'm not in the mood,' and I'm like 'Okay.' I just let it go."

One 25-year-old woman told Mic that the problem creams on the best, but acknowledged the potential awkwardness for her partner in her own personal cleanliness. "It turns me off just a little, the idea of someone coming inside of you and leaving this mess behind," she said. "If he's going to come inside of you anyway, let me do my thing!" d2c66b5586


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