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Brown's Chicken Tangy Coleslaw Recipe

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This recipe is a clone of the classic pulled chicken sandwich served at the KFC chain. The version here is much healthier and does not use raw chicken or egg products. The coleslaw is the star. While my coleslaw dressing is a bit sweet, it is not overly so. The acidity of the cabbage can be brought out by using buttermilk in the recipe; but for ease of preparation just add a spoon of white vinegar and stir.

If you can clon recipes, you can probably create a slaw that is virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. I was inspired to try a KFC copy recipe when many people ask how to make a slaw that tastes exactly like KFC's coleslaw recipe. Turns out you can make it just as easy as KFC's original coleslaw recipe. Here is the recipe:

While the recipe sound great, I've left out a few ingredients and included a few substitutions to make it healthier. For the oil, I used olive oil and smoked paprika. It's a good substitute for the ketchup. Vinegar adds a little more tang. d2c66b5586


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