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Drakensang Trainer 1.2 [TOP]

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Drakensang Trainer 1.2 [TOP]

So once you're in space, what's the next step? Well, there's the basic business of billabongs. When you first start out, you'll have no money to pay for the upkeep of your ship. The more you take off, however, the more experience you'll get. This means more upgrades will be unlocked early. Unfortunately, the game hasn't done a good job locking how much a billabong costs, which is why you see some huge expensive bills at the beginning of the game. You can speed this up, however, either by quitting your current billabong and going back to the Space Balance, or by investing your cash in the EEVB. EEVB stands for Exploration/Exploration Vessel Budget. What that is, is a little hard to explain, as there is no real cost to the EEVB. Instead, it earns you experience (EXP) similar to how you earn experience in Pokemon, or in many other games called real-time strategy.

The EEVB can be obtained via space travel and is used to earn starfighters, ships, battleships, and more. At a certain level of the EEVB, you activate your ship and perform a mission to earn an upgrade for your ship. How high you go, and what you put up for the upgrade depends on the mission and what "slot" the upgrade is for. Ship slots are which parts of the ship the upgrades come for. This means that some parts of the ship may be completely locked, while others will passively improve your ship. You can see the slots you have in the ship with the image above (from my Tansarii) and the image below (from my Corrupter).

With that explained, there are three ways to unlock the final "slot" to achieve the ultimate ship. These are the Autocannon, Missile Launchers, and the Neural Lash, which are all upgrades that act as a customizable, powerful special attack. They're just part of the ultimate ship, while the rest are aesthetically pleasing and provide passive bonuses along with a one time in-game money reward for completing them. Once you're done making my ultimate ship the way I pictured it in my head, I'll share a video of it hopefully. Something I'll need some proof of on my Youtube channel. d2c66b5586


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