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Phoenix Recovery House

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At Phoenix Recovery, we know the struggles recovering addicts and alcoholics will face in early recovery. Whether it be leaving inpatient treatment, adhering to a court mandate from the judicial system or in desperate need of a fresh start, entering into a sober living environment is a crucial time. Thankfully, we were fortunate enough to find a housing program in early recovery that helped transition us into a new chapter of life, where magnificent transformations began to occur. We have dedicated ourselves to creating positive living environments that help others take their first steps toward finding the kind of inner peace, success, happiness and recovery that has become our reality.

The Founders of Phoenix Recovery have been in long-term recovery for many years, and are well aware that choosing the right sober living home following treatment is often the difference between reverting to old ways or staying the course of recovery.

Our hope is to give others pursuing freedom from addiction the ability to experience the miraculous transformations a life in recovery has to offer. By instilling hope and confidence in each Phoenix Recovery house member, we watch as they blossom into the individuals they were always intended to be. We hope to show each resident that long-term recovery is possible, while developing meaningful friendships, encouraging positive attitudes and providing a structured environment where new routines and healthy habits can be formulated.

Seeking addiction treatment through an addiction recovery center is one of the most difficult yet empowering and important decisions you can make for yourself or a loved one experiencing the trauma of a mental disorder or a pattern or relapse of substance or drug abuse.

Addiction recovery through a drug rehabilitation center focuses upon not only becoming sober but also brain healing and developing the skills to manage the disease of addiction. Our Utah drug rehabilitation center provides the tools and information to help our clients avoid a relapse.

A recovery house is significantly important for individuals with drug and alcohol problems leaving a detox/inpatient facility. Furthermore it is imperative that they transition to a safe, sober residence. Here they can continue to practice the skills they acquired in a supportive environment.

Our job is to provide the structure, and care for individuals who are looking to transform their life of addiction. A life of sobriety & freedom is possible. Especially by banding together, and joining a fellowship of recovered individuals can we find the peace that is available in a recovery house

Addiction is a disease that affects the entire family unit. It is one or our goals to provide education as well as instill an atmosphere of hope in the family system. Only by repairing the wreckage of our past are we able to recover. Equally important is healing relationships. This is when we truly find lasting recovery. We encourage families to visit their loved one at our recovery house.

We are located in Phoenixville, PA which is a 30 minute drive from Philadelphia, and within 2 hours from New Jersey, Delaware, and New York. The Phoenix Recovery Project has created a truly special recovery house for individuals seeking recovery from addiction and alcoholism. For this reason the Phoenix in our name and logo because it is a mythical bird that symbolizes rebirth and renewal. After its death the Phoenix rises gloriously from its ashes to begin anew. Just as we give up the old life of our addictions we too rise into a new life of recovery.

We provide recovery houses for individuals from all over the United States. We have had residents from Philadelphia, PA, New York, NY, Baltimore, MD, Wilmington, DE, and New Jersey. Residents have also been from Chester County, Delaware County, Bucks County, Montgomery County, and Berks County.

Pioneer provides counseling and treatment, housing and employment services to justice-involved individuals and th


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