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Mutant Mudds Super Challenge Download !EXCLUSIVE!]

Mutant Mudds Super Challenge Download] -

Mutant Mudds Super Challenge Download !EXCLUSIVE!]

As a follow-up to the original Mutant Mudds, this game improves nearly everything you could want from a sequel. Firstly, the control scheme is now user-friendly, with improved touchpad control of movement, and the ability to jump or rotate the view from the shoulder buttons and the touch screen. Secondly, the level design is even better than in the original, and while the repetitiveness of the levels is still apparent, at least they are all larger and take more time to complete. The platforming is especially well-designed; it still uses the forgiving jump mechanic that was previously employed but now the level design is as punishing as it is forgiving, meaning you can't take too many chances.

Although its not as hardcore as some of the other games in the series, you can probably find some fun with Mutant Mudds Super Challenge whether your playing alone or with a friend. In addition to the local two-player, online multiplayer is a fairly simple affair, with a mild challenge. You can play through stages as fast as you want (up to 30 seconds), and you can either just rush through them (setting your end score to 0), or try to time your tasks, pausing at the right moments to conserve your precious time. Playing co-op is the only way to unlock most of the characters, but once youve found them, theyre yours to keep and can be used on both platforms if you wish.

If you play at all, and I stress at all, on 2D platformers, then this is the game for you. Its very solid, often brutally difficult, and has plenty of secrets to be found in it. Its also one of the best games of it genre on any console, so anyone who likes 2D platformers should be able to enjoy Mutant Mudds Super Challenge. 3d9ccd7d82


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