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Very hard question. I am not a certified behaviorist and you might want to seek one out. I think you are still in early days and you need to let the shock and trauma wash away a little more before making a full evaluation. I think time will tell and most likely heal these psychological wounds. There are many approaches to restoring an animals trust, but I would research them and if possible consult a behaviorist. If all else fails, there are many cheap anti anxiety drugs you can give that would probably help. Good luck.

2 Years ago my dog was attacked amd left her paralyzed from her two back legs i took her to the vet and they told me she had like a 30 % chance she will walk again after that i took her to a lady i found out that she has rescued soany animals she told me that my dog will be able to walk again and she will help me . I had to leave her with this lady until one day i had to pick my dog up because she was to depressed but when i brought her home she wasnt anymore she seemed happy very playful even in he condition she was in this lady still treated her but a cast on my dog for a month or so and then she took it off this lady never camr back to help so i thought my dog will be ok now but she still wasnt able to walk . A lot of people told me to put her down but i just couldnt do something like that i saw my dog and she looked happy she was they same playful dog she was before the accident but now i think to myself i should of done it i shouldve put her down . She doesnt live with me but when i see her i just feel so bad ..What do you think i should of done or what can i do now

I am very sorry you lost your dogs but every time I hear some one say they couldnt keep a pet and have it to the humane society i want to shake the STUPID out of them. YOUR dog is no different than the 30,00 being killed every single DAY in almost every shelter nation wide ,every one is cute every one is a good dog and every one is traumatized by being abandoned . these animals are innocent victims of complacency and denial of the truth about our shelter system YOUR DOG i am ashamed to tell you was most likely euthanized before you had time to drive your car home , they have a 1 in 600 chance of getting adopted and even less if its an older dog or shows any amount of behavir issues usually caused from being DUMPED by their family in a place that is scary and smells like death , ITS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to KNOW THE REALTY of our shelter system , its BROKEN and unless you can KEEP an animal FOR ITS ENTIRE LIFE DONT GET ONE , its that simple

I forgot to add that dogs will occasionally have conflicts with each other and its usually just establishing rank and usually harless, females tend to not get along with other females and for the sake of harmony its always a good idea to pair males with a female if your gonna have more than one dog , otherwise you need to treat them both equally not favoring one over the other and keep them emotionally balanced healthy fed and exercised to prevent boredom or issues will arise, they need human interaction thats what we designed the domestic dog for and they evolved to be our companions not lawn ornaments or stuffed animals that arent allowed to be themselves .they thrive on routine and its important to understand there body language , if left to themselves too much in a multi pet environment they will revert to their wild origins , society has done the dog a great dis service they deserve better from their families

what should I do I would die if shih poo got killed. I also go away sometimes for 5 days or so a few times a year with work and to see family and a friend takes care of all the animals. THe dogs run around together as always on my acre in the day and when I am gone I keep them in the pens with their apartments

Most likely not a one off. I will be the first to admit I am not an expert in animal behavior but it seems like her protective maternal instincts are kicking in and this will be a lon


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