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Suharsimi Arikunto Prosedur Penelitian Pdf __LINK__ Download

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Suharsimi Arikunto Prosedur Penelitian Pdf __LINK__ Download

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How to Download Suharsimi Arikunto's Prosedur Penelitian PDF for Free

If you are looking for a comprehensive guide on how to conduct research in various fields, you might want to check out Suharsimi Arikunto's Prosedur Penelitian. This book is a revised edition of the author's previous work, which covers the basic principles and methods of research, from planning to reporting. It also provides examples and exercises to help you apply the concepts and techniques in your own research projects.

Suharsimi Arikunto is a professor of education and a renowned researcher in Indonesia. She has written many books and articles on various topics related to education, evaluation, curriculum, and teaching. She is also a member of several professional associations and committees in the field of education.

Prosedur Penelitian is one of her most popular books, which has been used by many students, teachers, and researchers as a reference. It is written in Indonesian language and has been published by Rineka Cipta since 2010. The book has 17 chapters and 608 pages.