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Desktop Dyno 2000.iso Setup ##BEST## Free


Desktop Dyno 2000.iso Setup ##BEST## Free

The WEAPON-X BOOST FREEZE CHILLER IS AVAILABLE NOW! -x-boost-freeze-chiller-camaro-corvette-cts-vvariant=12464246816817In this tech article, you will read how this heat soaked ZL1 struggled to make over 630 WHEEL HP until the addition of our Boost Freeze Chiller! You will see at the end, that we were able to get an extra 4* of timing into this setup, lowered the boost by 1.5 PSI simply due to the cold compressed air, and the car pounded down nearly 690 WHEEL HP with just our WXM stage 1 carbon intake, WXM ported supercharger, Nick Williams 103mm Throttle Body, and our WXM Griptec 15% pulley, and Kooks headers! Simply put, the LT4 engines are amazing and respond very well to throwing more boost at them, but with more boost comes more heat. As a supercharger compresses air, the byproduct is heat. Couple this with the hot engine heat the supercharger picks up via conduction, the radiant heat coming off of the headers, and convection of hot air blowing around the engine bay, and you have the perfect storm for making, well... less power. Most LT4 owners are under the assumption that the stock heat exchangers are OK for basic mods, but as you will see, they're not even really sufficient for the stock setup as we frequently see knock on stock LT4 cars when pulled in their 1:1 gear. The way to make MORE POWER is to fight this heat and keep the temps going into the cylinders manageable so we can advance the timing and make that nice broad power band. Unlike previous LS cars, the IAT2 is a worthless PID on the Gen 5 LT engines, because the timing/spark table is based on "Manifold Air Temp" [MAT] , which is a calculated algorithm that is barely affected by anything, even upgraded heat exchangers. IAT2 is valuable to show you what the air temps actually are coming out of the intercooler bricks, but that is only 1 part of the equation for allowable spark resulting in power. The MAT is a combined calculation referencing ECT, IAT1, IAT2, and ambient air if I recall, but there isn't a way to tune the calculation in your favor. I have been after HPT for years for more help on this without much response. The map is editable and that is the table I showed you first yesterday; however, as you can see in the 5 log post after the baseline, that just because it's calculated, doesn't mean it's bad, although I would like a more definable table. Regardless, you can see in that 5 log post that we did clear out the IAT reducer in the 133* temp bracket and still saw a lot of knock. The IAT2 values are very low compared to previous LS cars, so the intercoolers in these superchargers are more efficient; however, it also appears that the DI engines are more susceptible to knock at lower "IAT2"s, likely due to the compression and higher boost than the LS cars. So, widening the IAT reducer table just allowed a lot more knock, it didn't help much even at the 9% level without increased cooling as you could see above by the 5 logs.Also, unlike the LS cars, the LT cars AC will stay on during a pull as it just destrokes the compressor so you do feel a little less output in the cabin for example, but it's still working and kicks up as soon as you let off the throttle. This destroking helps us out considerably and you can somewhat tune the AC system which is where we are now. We are going to do some fatigue tests to destroke the compressor less to see if it fails on my car, but for now, all results are as is. Even testing on another 875whp Whipple LT4 car, we were only seeing a 2% difference in power on a cold pull, and in hot pulls, the chiller just buried the heat soaked MATs as you will see below! MAT Timing table, NOT IAT2:As you'll see in the following logs, the IAT2s NEVER get over 120*, but as you will see the IAT spark is pulling timing, because it's based on Manifold Air Temp, not IAT2. Ask ANY gen 5 tuner how long it takes those MAT temps to come back down to even a reasonable temperature , it's a half hour or so and back to starting point is about an hour. To see those temps drop down from 140* to under 120* in just minutes is absolutely astonishing!

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