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Barbarians Rising Torrent


Barbarians Rising Torrent

In the arms of famine, despair, and terror, the Britons had nothing to expect from each other, but to fly at once into the woods, and to share with the beasts of the field the common calamity of hunger. A considerable part of the inhabitants of this miserable island had already disappeared by this last distress; and the remnant, destitute of all the means of support, surrounded in the woods by the savage enemies, inured to pillage and rapine, and unaccustomed to the hardships of a military life, had reason to expect little less than death. But the calm of night, which is the most awful of all the seasons, found them still, with some thankfulness, lingering in their wildernesses. The plunderers, having penetrated into the interior, surprised and massacred many of the miserable fugitives. The miserable remnant, however, reduced to despair, united under a leader of their own nation, and assumed the standard of independence. Their first expeditions were not attended with the success they expected; they had not the force of arms to resist the power and the skill of the Romans; and the latter, having now recovered from the first shock of these calamities, were prepared to meet them in the field with all the vigour of despair. However, the Britons, after some time, retrieved the lost fortune of war; and, by the assistance of the people of their own nation, which, in these distressing circumstances, were not less prompt to the service of their country than the Romans, compelled the enemy to leave Britain again in silence. The Romans, after an unsuccessful attempt to take advantage of the mutiny of the Britons, retired from the island, in which they had made every use of their arms for the protection of the inhabitants, and left the barbarians to the vengeance of famine, which was already approaching, and to the rage of the wild beasts, in the woods, which were the only habitations to which they fled. But they succeeded in their attempts, and added their own name, among the nations of the world, to the list of those who have been conquerors in the field. They came, and they conquered; and of all the events of human life, the engagement of a battle is, perhaps, the most significant of human frailty.

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