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Kogan renewed the dispute in November 2010, criticising Harvey Norman's purchase of Clive Peeters.[84] The controversy continued into December, when Harvey announced plans to follow Myer and open up an online store based in China to avoid GST and cut costs,[85] causing Kogan to claim that Harvey Norman and Myer were posturing to force the Government to change import laws, and that their China-based stores were a hoax.[86] Kogan stated that if Harvey Norman and Myer succeeded in opening their China-based online stores for three months, he would place a prominent link on advertising his rival's store.[87] Kogan also claimed that Harvey Norman was "full of it",[88] and published an article lamenting the Australian business scene's focus on regulation rather than innovation.[89]

Several weeks later, search results for disappeared from Microsoft Bing search results, with Kogan stating "We hope Microsoft were not too offended by what we did with the IE7 tax and this is just a temporary glitch."[116] Microsoft denied tampering with the search results, stating that: "The ranking of our results is done in automated manner through our algorithm which can sometimes lead to unexpected results."[116]

Kogan were offering their self-branded 55-inch TVs (KALED55UHDYA) built using a 4K Samsung LED panel for just $789. After reading a few favourable reviews, I took the plunge and placed my order online. But was the deal too good to be true Well, I found out just 5 days later when it arrived on my doorstep on October 2nd.

Much previous work stresses the importance of interactions between policy-makers and researchers in increasing the likelihood of attention being given to the knowledge produced. This continues the above discussion and fits especially well with Weiss's interactive model [19], and with the view that policy-makers are unlikely to take much notice of research if the first they know about it is when it arrives on their desk [89]. It is claimed that previous interaction increases the possibilities of the findings moving up the Ladder of Research Utilisation [105], and that the building of bridges between researchers and policy-makers is important and could be achieved by 'decision-linked research' [6, 118].

The new 75 ton transformer arriving in Brisbane, Australia, via the Antonov heavy lift cargo planeThe new transformer arrived at Kogan Creek as scheduled at the end of December and was installed during a ten day outage during the Christmas/New Year break. ABB's transformer service personnel completed the installation in record time, working rotating shifts over 24 hours between Christmas and New Year. 153554b96e


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