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Imgsrc Ru Password Crack ^HOT^


Imgsrc Ru Password Crack ^HOT^

the next step was to try to find passwords that began with "r" and "s," which were the other two letters in the crack. but after even longer searching, i found that the crack wasn't complete. the site had been cracked, but it wasn't cracked all the way.

to figure out what remained, i had to look at the passwords that were cracked in the first crack. i was looking at a tiny portion of the site, but the number of cracks in that portion, and their order, suggested that the cracking would be patterned.

since i had already seen that the list of common passwords was already long, he then attempted to identify any passwords from the remaining 5,000 that did not match the list of common passwords. this was the part where he would identify any actual accounts, as well as any accounts that were otherwise compromised.

the results from this phase were disappointing. of the 5,000 hashes he identified from the dictionary attack, only about 1,400 were identified from the brute force attack. he discovered that the list of common passwords was the same as the passwords used by linkedin users, and that the majority of the remaining 2,600 passwords were in the first and third letters of the alphabet. this was not terribly surprising, as the list was long and the hashes were relatively easy to find. he realized he was, in fact, trying to brute force linkedin passwords and not a list of all linkedin user passwords, which would have made the process much more difficult.

he then tried another approach. he had discovered a way to edit his own hashcat config file to append the list of common passwords to the file. he used the mode 4 (brute force) attack, hashing method 0 (md5), a rule that required a full match on the first character of the password, and and attack mode 1 (super brute force) for maximum speed. 3d9ccd7d82


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