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Daddy Yankee - Gasolina


"Gasolina" (English: "Gasoline") is a song on Daddy Yankee's 2004 album Barrio Fino.[2] It features uncredited vocals from Glory, who sings the line "dame más gasolina" (meaning "Give me more gasoline"). The song was released as the album's lead single in October 2004 and became a hit in 2005, peaking inside the top 10 on some of the charts it entered. "Gasolina" is the first reggaeton song to be nominated for the Latin Grammy Award for Record of the Year. In 2015, the song reached the number nine position on the "50 Greatest Latin Songs of All Time" list according to Billboard. In 2018, it was ranked number 38 on Rolling Stone's 50 Greatest Latin Pop Songs.[3] In 2017, it was included on Billboard's "12 Best Dancehall & Reggaeton Choruses of the 21st Century" at number eight.[4] In 2021, it was ranked number 50 on Rolling Stone's "500 Greatest Songs of All Time",[5] and a year later it was ranked at the first place on their 2022 "100 Greatest Reggaeton Songs of All Time" list.[6]

Hey, nothing wrong with partying, or cruising, or going fast in your car, right Thing is, if you listen to hip-hop stations, DJ's will often joke about the other slang meaning of "gasolina." They say it refers to "skeet," in the parlance of hip-hop, or human sperm.

Just check the current online authority on slang, number one definition for gasolina, agreed on by 346 users and counting is, "New Spanish slang meaning Sperm (Skeet). Comes from the reagetton [sic] song `Gasolina' by Daddy Yankee. Te encanta la gasolina."

Not everyone agrees with this meaning, however. Daddy Yankee himself has denied that's what he meant by the song. Urban Dictionary's second most-popular definition (here readers define the slang by votes, you see) for gasolina has nothing to do with ejaculate:

So when the girls on Daddy Yankee's song scream that they like gasolina, they mean they like to go out, hit the streets, enjoy the nightlife. At least according to this definition. Numerous Web sites have debated the issue, and even Spanish speakers disagree on the term, with some arguing that the meaning is obvious and broad, while others say it's specific just to Puerto Rican slang.

Still, it does leave us with one nagging question: Does John McCain really like Daddy Yankee's Gasolina... Certainly lends the news header, "Daddy Yankee gives McCain some gasolina," a whole new twist.

"A ella le gusta la gasolina, dale más gasolina". Este tema fue un fenónemo en República Dominicana, Puerto Rico, y muchos paises haciendo que el nombre de Daddy Yankee estuviera en la boca de todos hasta convertirse en el líder de un naciente género llamado reguetón.

"Quiero leerlos, qué hacían un día como hoy hace 17 años Yo estaba cambiando el mundo con una nueva cultura llamada Reggaeton. Viral sin Redes Sociales! Saludos del Jefe #Barriofino #Daddyyankee #reggaeton #clasicos #17años", escribió Yankee recordando su disco. 59ce067264


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