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Help spread the word on how to end light pollution

How To Enter

Step 1

Learn about light pollution! Hint: Our competition resources page is a fantastic place to start

Step 2

Record an awesome video discussing an aspect of light pollution and how we can stop it.

Step 3

Upload your video to the social media platform of your choice using the #ADSA_Enlightened. You can expand your reach by using the tags #IDSW2023, #DarkSkyWeek and #ShareTheNight

Step 4

Fill in this google form so that we can officially register your entry

Step 5

Share your video, tell your friends to like and share and stay tuned to find out if you've won!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enter if I live outside of Australia?

Yes, international submissions are welcomed and encouraged, however some restrictions for the shipping of prizes may apply 

How old do I need to be to enter?

There are three categories for entry:

  • 12-17 years

  • 18-25 years

  • 26+ years


What are the judges looking for?

Each video will be judged on the overall level of

* engagement such as comments from the public, likes and reposting,

* entertainment value or creativity,

* the scientific accuracy

* and/or your passion

What's the final date of entry?

All entries must be posted online and submitted by the form by 24 April. Remember, the earlier you get them in, the more shares, reposts and comments you'll receive, gaining the judges' attention. No late entries, or submissions directly to ADSA will be considered.

Where do I submit my entry?

Videos may be posted on Tiktok, Youtube Reels, or Insta. To be considered for the prizes, you must also fill out the details of the video using this link.

Key Dates

Launch Event – 16th March

Competition Opens – 20th March


Competition Closes – 24th April

Shortlist notified – 1st May

Winners Announced – 16th May

Are multiple entries allowed?

You can post as many videos as you want, as long as they are all different videos with a different light pollution-related focus. Identical videos posted on separate platforms will be considered as one entry.

I have never heard about light pollution before, where can I find out more?
Check out our VIDEOS, PODCASTS, and information about good lighting and ecology.

We also recommend looking at the International Dark Sky Association, Globe at Night, Commonwealth Light Pollution Guidelines,  and International Astronomical Union

Are there any resources for schools?

Yes - check these wonderful lesson plans created by the NSW Department of Industry for starters. 

How will the winner be notified?

We will contact the winners using the details provided in the entry registration form

Do I have to appear in my video?

No, while videos should include narration and captions, there is no requirement for you to feature in it. But feel free to include yourself if you want to!

Does my video need to be in English?

No. We'd love this to be a global activity with everyone sharing in their language of choice. 

I am really inspired after learning about light pollution, how can I get involved?

There are many ways to get involved. Sign up as a member, utilise pollution-reducing lighting or educate your local council or development group about light pollution. You may even want to join us as a Youth Ambassador.

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